Book Sales

    In 2021 SVGS lost our long-time member and friend, Jim Olson. For those of you who knew him, you will remember Jim as a book and antique dealer with a huge interest in his own family history, plus a willingness to share his vast knowledge of genealogy, history and religion with many others through the years. SVGS was fortunate to receive a donation of books from his estate to be sold as a fund-raiser for our Society. This donation came to us after the many organizations Jim belonged to had the opportunity to retrieve and purchase items and books of interest to that particular organization.

    Most of the items are of Norwegian subjects and, yes, some are written in Norwegian. Other books may contain subjects relating to Sweden, Finland, Denmark & Germany. These differences in language or subject should be noted in the listing. To all who’ve asked, there are very few bygdebøker, but there are a few.

    Unfortunately SVGS did not have the time, space or personnel to inventory and thoroughly organize these items, so you may find multiple copies of the same book listed in multiple locations and, possibly, with varying prices. We gave the volunteers guidelines, not absolutes, for how to list and price the items they helped with. Since most purchases will include packaging and shipping costs, we listed items at extremely low prices!

Step 1: Click Book Sales Link for the pdf listing of all the books for now. OR click here for the database listing of several pages. (The database listing is the one kept up to date.)

Step 2: Once you decide which books you want, cick HERE to order your books.

Step 3. You will receive an invoice after step 2. Review and make sure it is correct.

Step 4: Click on Donate below to pay for your total invoice. This takes you to PayPal – you do NOT need an account to use PayPal. Enter your amount and then click pay. Thank you! Questions? Email