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Membership runs from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 for each year. Plans offered are:

Plan NameForMaximum Associated
Annual FeeDescription
Individual emailPerson(s)1$20.00Electronic download of Pathfinder
Individual mailPerson(s)1$25.00Pathfinder printed and mailed to you
Family (4) emailPerson(s)4$25.00Electronic download of Pathfinder
Family (4) mailPerson(s)4$30.00Pathfinder printed and mailed to you
Contributing emailPerson(s)1$25.00Electronic download of Pathfinder
Contributing mailPerson(s)1$30.00Pathfinder printed and mailed to you
Foreign emailPerson(s)1$30.00Electronic download of Pathfinder
Patron (2) emailPerson(s)2$50.00Electronic download of Pathfinder
Patron (2) mailPerson(s)2$55.00Pathfinder printed and mailed to you

You may send a check to:
Sioux Valley Genealogical Society
200 W. 6th St.
Old Courthouse Museum
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

OR you may pay your dues or a donation through PayPal: